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Ahmedabad travelAhmedabad, nicknamed Manchester of the East, is a splendid blend of hardcore business and heartwarming cordiality. The host of one of country’s most prestigious management institutes, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad stands gracefully ashore River Sabarmati in the western Indian state, Gujarat, and welcomes its guests with sheer friendliness! An old-worldly charm, interwoven with modernity makes Ahmedabad travel a wonderful encounter.

Ahmedabad’s colorful culture depicts religious harmony among its people. The cheerful and friendly Ahmedabadis celebrate Navratri and Kite Festival with great passion.

Ahmedabad’s history too is varied, with many rulers influencing the culture here. Formerly known as Ashaval, Ahmedabad is inhabited since the 11th century. Dynasties like Solanki, Vaghela, Muzaffarid, Mughal, Marathas and British offered Ahmedabad a multifaceted history.  Ahmed Shah, a Muzaffarid ruler, named the city after him.

You should travel to Ahmedabad, for its numerous historic monuments, lakes, gardens and magnificent Havelis (mansions).

Gandhi Ashram ashore River Sabarmati is a must-visit for those who seek true peace and serenity. It was founded by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, in 1915.

Precursor of Gandhi Ashram is Satyagraha Ashram, founded by Gandhiji, in Kocharab. Sardar Patel Smarak Bhavan and Tagore Smruti, in the pleasing ambience of Shahi Baugh, are other splendid monuments, honoring Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, respectively.

Don’t miss the quaint historic Bhadra Fort, built during the Maratha rule, in 1411, hosting Bhadrakali Temple, and beautiful palaces and gardens.

Want to spend some awesome moments with Nature? Visit Ahmdabad’s lakes and gardens, like Kankaria Lake, Kamla Nehru Zoo, Rasala Nature Park, Vastrapur Lake, Victoria Garden, Parimal Garden, and many more.

Don’t miss the historic architectural miracle – Jhulta Minara or the Swaying Minarets, in Siddi Bashir Mosque, which sway at your slight push, but don’t move a bit at the roaring trains passing by them!

Engage yourself into the world of knowledge – visit numerous museums of Ahmedabad, like Vikram Sarabhai Space Museum, Science Centre, L.D. Institute of Indology, Calico Textile Museum, Adivasi Museum, and many others.

And of course, enjoy viewing the splendid temples, like Amar Dham and Swami Narayan Temple, and mosques like Juma Masjid and the exquisite medieval Havelis (mansions) of Ahmedabad.

Shopaholics enjoy shopping in Ahmedabad for its exquisite fabrics, like Patola and Bandhani (tie-n-dye) sarees, dupattas and men’s wear, hand-woven carpets and rugs, antique and modern furniture, jewelry and handicrafts, in places like Teen Darwaza, Dhal Garwad, C.G. Road, Handicrafts Bazaar, Law Garden, Ravivari, and many more.

Like the rest of India, Ahmedabad too is passionate about cricket and Sardar Patel Stadium here is internationally famed. Ahmedabad also hosts three golf courses and offers a generous patronage to kart racing and roller skating. In December-January every year, Sabarmati Marathon is held in Ahmedabad, participated by thousands of people, including foreigners.

Ahmedabad is a city of foodies! While a typical Gujarati Thali (full meal) consists of rice, roti, shaak (vegetable), pickle and Papad, Ahmedabad also shows a wide gastronomic variety. Though due to Hindu and Jain culture, the city mainly prefers vegetarian food, non-vegetarians need not worry and should head towards Ahmedabad hotels in the older parts, like Bhatiyar Gali, Jamalpur and Kalupur, where they will get mouthwatering non-vegetarian delicacies. As you shouldn’t miss Vedmi (a sweet stuffed roti), you shouldn’t also miss some excellent bakeries here, serving Naan (thick Indian bread) and Nankhatai (delicious Indian cookies).

Ahmedabad’s biggest festivals are Navratri, Rath-yatra and Uttarayan international kite festival. Navratri is held usually in October, devoted to Mother Goddess, when people perform a passionate folk dance, Garba, in Her honor, wearing intensely colored traditional attires. Kite festival turns Ahmedabad’s skies into a colorful collage on 14th and 15th January. Inspired by the Rath-yatra of Puri (Odisha), Ahmedabad holds a grand Rath-yatra, starting from the 400-year old Jagannath Temple in its Jamalpur area, when idols of Lord Krishna (Jagannath), His brother – Lord Baldev and sister – Devi Subhadra, are taken in procession in chariots.