Airport Parking


Airport Parking – Plan Beforehand and Avoid Stress

Arriving at the last minute at the airport in your vehicle and finding no space for parking can be disgusting and put you in the danger of missing your flight. The hassle of flying can start much before you arrive at the terminal; so, if you know that you will require long-term parking, particularly on busy times like weekends, holidays and Monday mornings, there is no better alternative than to plan well ahead. Here are some tips to confirm your spot in a crowded parking lot.

Airport Parking Lots

Airport parking lots are your closest and most convenient options for parking. Unfortunately you usually have to pay more for that convenience, even after you park in the cheaper long-term lots. Check for the lowest available rates for long-term parking at your airport’s website. Another unfortunate factor is in high seasons, the economy lots get full quickly and most airports don’t allow booking the space in advance. Some airport websites however let you check the present status of their parking lots before your flight. So, if the lots you want are full, you can opt for public transportation or can look for some offsite lots.

Offsite Parking

If you are ready to travel a little farther from your car towards the terminal, you can save money by parking at an offsite parking lot. These are managed by private companies and many of them offer perks like car washes, valet parking and oil changes too (may charge extra). Even if their rates are higher than the airport parking lots, a major advantage they offer is you can book your space well ahead of time.

Though offsite lots are farther from the airport, they offer far better service than the airport economy lots in terms of promptness and quickness of shuttles while you leave and come back to your city, which reduces your stress.

Airport Hotel Parking

Many fliers stay at an airport hotel to avoid getting late for an early morning flight. While this may seem an extra expense, it is not actually and moreover, the hotel offers parking which is useful especially if you are leaving for a long trip.

Choose one of these options well ahead of time of your flight and skip the stress of missing your flight because of not getting parking space.