Florianopolis Airport Reviews


Florianopolis Airport Reviews

Florianópolis-Hercílio Luz International Airport (IATA: FLN, ICAO: SBFL), is the airport serving Florianópolis, Brazil. Florianópolis is the capital city and second largest city of Santa Catarina state in the Southern region of Brazil.

The Florianopolis Airport is served by Hercílio Luz International Airport for both domestic and international flights. The traffic has grown significantly at the airport and therefore the city will shortly receive a new airport able to serve 2.7 million passengers a year. The architectural design of the new airport was chosen by a public competition held by Infraero in partnership with the Brazilian Architects Institute (IAB). Among the over 150 original entries, the proposal of São Paulo architect Mário Bizelli was chosen. Normally the projects for expansion and modernization of the 66 airports administered by Infraeor are done by public tender based on the needs, criteria and conditions presented by the company’s engineering area. On days when one of the two the local football (soccer) teams plays at home in a stadium near the airport, traffic comes to a complete standstill, often preventing vehicles from departing the airport itself. People with departing flights are well advised to check the local football schedule to ensure they arrive at the airport on time.

Florianopolis Airport is named after Hercílio Pedro da Luz (1860–1924), 3 times Governor of Santa Catarina and senator. Florianopolis Airport is operated by Infraero.

Some of Florianopolis Airport facilities are shared with the Florianópolis Air Force Base of the Brazilian Air Force. The Some of its is located 14 km (9 mi) from downtown Florianópolis.


ATMs / Cash Machines – info not available
Car Rentals – info not available
Currency Exchange – info not available
Food / Restaurants – info not available
Information Desk – info not available
Luggage Storage / Lockers – info not available
Showers – info not available
Internet: WiFi is available at the Florianopolis airport for a fee.

Airport opening hours:
Open 24 hours

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Florianopolis Hercílio Luz International Airport Weather Forecast

Forecast for Florian%C3%B3polis-Herc%C3%ADlio_Luz_International_Airport

Hotel Florian%C3%B3polis-Herc%C3%ADlio_Luz_International_Airport

Forecast for Florian%C3%B3polis-Herc%C3%ADlio_Luz_International_Airport  Precip. Temp. Wind speed
28.02.2021 17–18 Heavy rain 2 mm 23 °C Light breeze from East 3 m/s
18–24 Heavy rain 21 mm 23 °C Gentle breeze from East 4 m/s
01.03.2021 00–06 Heavy rain 27 mm 22 °C Light breeze from East-northeast 2 m/s
06–12 Heavy rain 19 mm 21 °C Light breeze from Southwest 2 m/s
12–18 Rain 1 mm 22 °C Light air from South-southwest 1 m/s
18–24 Rain 4 mm 24 °C Light breeze from East 2 m/s
02.03.2021 00–06 Partly cloudy <1 mm 23 °C Light breeze from West-northwest 2 m/s
06–12 Cloudy 0 mm 22 °C Light air from West 1 m/s
12–18 Light rain showers <1 mm 27 °C Light breeze from North 3 m/s
18–24 Cloudy <1 mm 26 °C Light breeze from North-northeast 2 m/s
21–03 Partly cloudy 0 mm 24 °C Light breeze from North 2 m/s
03.03.2021 03–09 Cloudy 0 mm 22 °C Light air from West-northwest 1 m/s
09–15 Light rain <1 mm 27 °C Light air from West-northwest 0 m/s
15–21 Heavy rain 5 mm 27 °C Light air from East-northeast 1 m/s
21–03 Partly cloudy 0 mm 24 °C Light air from West-southwest 1 m/s
04.03.2021 03–09 Cloudy 0 mm 22 °C Light air from West-northwest 1 m/s
09–15 Rain 1 mm 26 °C Light air from Northwest 1 m/s
15–21 Rain 2 mm 28 °C Light breeze from North-northeast 3 m/s
21–03 Cloudy <1 mm 24 °C Light air from South 1 m/s
05.03.2021 03–09 Cloudy 0 mm 22 °C Light air from West-northwest 1 m/s
09–15 Light rain <1 mm 25 °C Light air from Southeast 1 m/s
15–21 Partly cloudy <1 mm 28 °C Gentle breeze from South-southeast 4 m/s
21–03 Partly cloudy <1 mm 23 °C Light breeze from South-southeast 2 m/s