Kingston Norman Manley Airport Reviews


Kingston Norman Manley Airport Reviews

Kingston Norman Manley International Airport (IATA: KIN, ICAO: MKJP), formerly Palisadoes Airport, is an international airport serving Kingston, Jamaica. As well as Sangster International Airport, it’s a hub for Air Jamaica (now a subsidiary of Caribbean Airlines).

Kingston Norman Manley Airport was named in honour of Norman Manley. There are over 130 international flights a week that depart from Norman Manley International Airport. The airport is located on the Palisadoes tombolo in outer Kingston Harbour; it fronts the city on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. The project seeks to increase the airport’s capacity to cater for projected air and passenger traffic at an acceptable level of service to the year 2023. The project is part of a 20-year masterplan which will be implemented in three phases (1A, 1B and 2) and will cost about $130m. By 2022 it will have involved a virtual reconstruction of the entire airport. The significant growth in the aviation sector led to the establishment of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) in 1947. One year later, in 1948, the Kingston Air Traffic Control Centre (KATCC) was established. In the same year the Palisadoes Airport (now Kingston Norman Manley Airport or Norman Manley International) and the Montego Bay Airport now Sangster International Airport were established.

The Kingston Norman Manley Airport features in the first James Bond movie, Dr No (1962).


ATMs / Cash Machines – info not available
Car Rentals – info not available
Currency Exchange – info not available
Food / Restaurants – info not available
Information Desk – info not available
Luggage Storage / Lockers – info not available
Showers – info not available
Internet: info not available

Airport opening hours:
4:30am – last flight

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