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Argentina is a very large and diverse country.  The far north is tropical and hot with swamps and jungles and the far south is the southern tip of South America and it is very cold with fierce seas and glaciers.  The east is on the Atlantic and the west is the high Andes mountain range.  But in between are the temperate prairies and the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a port city with architecture reminiscent of Paris in some areas with tall sky scrapers lining the waterfront.  The Spanish settled here 500 years ago but in the last hundred years immigrants have flooded in from all over the world as Argentina has welcomed all.  It is such a beautiful country with warm people that it is a wonderful place to visit.

The Pampas and Patagonian prairies are known for their agricultural pursuits.  Gauchos or cowboys still manage the cattle and sheep are abundant in the mountains.  The valleys are fertile and they grow a lot of grapes for wine.  Taking winery tours is a lovely way to spend some time in the country.

There are cruises that take you through Tierra del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan where you experience the incredibly rough waters where the Atlantic meets the Pacific.

Half the population lives in Buenos Aires.  Visiting the different neighborhoods gives you a flavor of all the different peoples that have arrived here.  Colorful La Boca is an artist community with its inhabitants originally from Italy.   Downtown or the city center are many shops and restaurants.  This is a huge city with lots of varied night time activities.

The Argentinians are very sports oriented.  With a heritage of being great horsemen, Polo is very popular.  They are also huge soccer (or football) fans as well as rugby, boating and car racing.  Pato is a national sport unique to Argentina, which is basketball on horseback.

You could go to Argentina and spend all your time just in Buenos Aires but as this is the fourth largest country in the world, you should plan some time in the beautiful rural areas as well.

Argentina travel guide

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