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Australia was settled by Aborigines and exiled criminals from Great Britain and it has developed into one of the most diverse, scenic and economically successful countries in the western world.

It is the sixth largest country and the only one that is also a continent. Most of the people live in the cities on the eastern side which is more temperate as well as mountainous. If you want to feel what the southeast is like, see the movie Man From Snowy River and it will show you how ruggedly beautiful the mountains are that lead down into the Murray River.

The rest of the country is mostly scrub and desert, commonly known as “The Outback.” There are gorgeous rock formations, the most famous of which is Ayers Rock which you can get to by helicopter. This area is pretty barren but good for mining and raising cattle.

Another wonderful area is the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest reef in the world with fish and coral outcroppings like nowhere else around the globe.

As Australia is so isolated much of its flora and fauna are unique to this country. Most well known are the Kangaroos, which you can see in the wild while touring Kangaroo Island.

After exploring what nature has to offer, the cities are beautiful and comfortable with all levels of accommodation available. Sydney is the largest city and most will be able to identify with the unusual winged looking Opera House. It has a large bustling harbor with constant activities available around the water.

Melbourne is another beautiful city on the water, this time the Yarra River adds to the charm. It is a small yet sophisticated city with an artistic flair for its multi-cultural heritage. You will enjoy shopping and exploring the small alleyways with eclectic boutiques and restaurants.

And you must not forget the beautiful island of Tasmania. With its pink rugged cliffs overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the bay on the Freycinet Peninsula, it is an island of grass fed beef, freshly caught fish and relaxing beaches.

Australia is so large it would take months to see it all so you pick what would be your ideal spot out of the thousands of gorgeous opportunities.

Australia travel guide

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