How to Avoid Crowd at Airports


How to Avoid Crowd at Airports?

Everyone wants to travel to another city or country when s/he can take a convenient leave from office, when there are coinciding holidays of some festival or weekend days. But when we think of our office leave, everyone else too thinks the same and the result? You get a heavy crowd at the airport – so much that you repent that you chose such dates! To add to it, you have to pay more for the tickets. Air travel is known to be stressful and expensive around holidays. You want a comfortable travel, peace around you and no haste. So, what can you do avoid crowds at airports? Here are some tips.

Avoid Peak Dates

In the US, Wednesdays before Thanksgiving are infamous for being among the busiest travel days of the year. Next are Sundays after the festival. Therefore while in the US, choose to travel on Mondays or Tuesdays before Thanksgiving or even the morning of the festival. Similarly you will have to consider holidays in every country to avoid big rush. 21st and 28th December are universally the heaviest crowded and the most expensive days for air travel, being the days just before the Christmas and New Year holidays. And one more golden rule is if you want the cheapest day for air travel, try to choose the actual day of a holiday.

A very helpful tool is available on wherein an annual calendar with changes in the holiday travel costs for the entire period from which you can compare the costs on the days you are planning to travel.

Prefer Smaller Airports

Instead of flying from major airports, choose smaller regional airports, where crowds are certainly less. Results are fabulous – shorter queues for check-in, security and immigration. Moreover you will save money on parking and hotels, as their charges are definitely less than that at bigger airports.

Prefer Unearthly Timings

You might not see it as a nice idea to drag yourself out of bed at an unearthly hour in the midnight or dawn and run to catch a plain; but it is a good idea to do so, if you want to avoid crowds at the airports. Most people prefer mid-morning or early-evening flights. So, if you choose red-eye or early morning flights, you will be welcomed by a deserted airport. And if you take a refuge into an airport hotel, getting up and being ready in the wee hours won’t be so painful.

Prefer Non-stop Flight

If you book a non-stop flight, obviously you don’t have to face the crowded airports, flight delays and other problems, so as to enjoy a non-hectic travel. If a connected flight is inevitable, prefer a route where at least weather won’t create a problem. When flights are delayed due to bad weather, crowds are bound to increase at the airports.

Thus if you are ready to become a little uncomfortable, you can enjoy a comfortable travel with less or non-crowded airports and thereby quick passage through queues.