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Botswana is a lovely country in southern Africa just north of South Africa. It is totally landlocked with 70% of the land being part of the dry Kalahari Desert. It is known for its fabulous wildlife preserves and has some of the best large animal viewing in Africa.

The Okavanga Delta is an unusual spot as the river flows into the desert instead of into the ocean. This large area called the Kalahari Basin is five times larger than France and is home to an enormous number of unique flora and fauna. This area is also home to the San or the “Bushmen” the last remaining survivors that have lived in Africa for over 30,000 years.

Inside the Delta you will find the Moremi Game Reserve. There are lodges you can stay at and then take day trips by jeep or boat on the Okavango River for viewing the spectacular scenery and big game in their natural habitat.

Tsodilo Hills is a fascinating place to visit with over 4500 rock paintings.

The Chobe National Wildlife Reserve is noted for having the largest number of elephants in all of Africa. It is wonderful to watch them cavort in all the water of the marshes and rivers. They also have many other large animals including lions, leopards and water buffalo.

Gaborone is the capital city in the southern part of the country near South Africa. It is a modern city of almost half a million people and you will be able to find good accommodations and food there.

The shopping will be expensive but there is plenty of it. Most people come to Botswana for the animals. As they have some of the finest viewing in all of Africa, make that your primary goal and all the rest is just good fun.

Botswana travel guide

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