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Chandigarh travelA union territory and capital of two North Indian states, viz. Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is a beautiful city, with affluence of natural and artificial marvels, flavors, fragrances and colors! No wonder, Chandigarh travel is an unforgettable experience.
Being cosmopolitan and serving as a huge base for army and air force, Chandigarh depicts a colorful culture, featuring traditions, cuisines and arts of nearly all parts of India.

Chandigarh came into existence from the need of a new capital for the part of Indian state of Punjab, which had remained with India after the partition, that followed Indian Independence, as the previous capital, Lahore, was included in Pakistan by then. Chandigarh was commissioned by the 1st Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and was designed by world-renowned architects, like the American architect, Albert Mayer, and the French (born Swiss) architect, Le Corbusier during the 1950s. It has been named after the Chandi (Mother Goddess) Temple on its outskirts, meaning ‘Fort of Chandi’.

Travel to Chandigarh is an encounter with amazing gardens, temples, gurudwaras (Sikh temples) and museums, along with internationally famous urban design and architecture of the city.

Some of its fantastic parks include Nekchand’s Rock Garden, Chandigarh Bougainvillea Park, Garden of Fragrance, Shanti Kunj, Smriti Upavan, Rose Garden, Bamboo Valley and Terraced Flower Garden. Nekchand’s Rock Garden, created from recycled rocks and ceramics, is a superb example of extraordinary creativity and passion of a seemingly ordinary transport employee. The city also hosts a Fitness Trail and Flower Garden in Sector 10, full of flowers and fabulous sculptures, to offer health in the company of Nature. The Garden of Fragrance is full of fragrant shrubs and flowering plants, whereas Smriti Upavan is a pleasant garden, having trees planted in memory of departed souls.

Chandigarh hosts the biggest of the numerous Open Hand sculptures by Le Corbusier, the height of which is 26 meters. This impressive sculpture is a symbol of an open mind for give and take of new ideas.

Le Corbusier Centre of Chandigarh commemorates the great architect of the city.

The modern city astounds us with its forests like Kansal, Nepli and Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses a number of wild animals and birds. The tranquil Sukhna Lake too receives a lot of birds, like Cranes and Storks.

Chandigarh maintains and depicts its history, culture and enthusiasm, through various museums like Chandigarh Museum, Government Museum and Art Gallery, International Dolls Museum and Museum of Evolution.

The Capitol Complex consists of three amazingly designed buildings, viz. High Court, Secretariat and Legislative Assembly. These need an official permission of Tourist Bureau and it’s indeed worth.

Visit Chandi Mandir, Mansa Devi Temple, and Kuhni Sahib, Nada Sahib, Nabha Sahib, Amb Sahib and Baoli Sahib Gurudwaras for true peace of mind.

With its numerous shopping malls and markets, Chandigarh presents an extensive scope for shopaholics too. However, you will hardly find any specialty of this city in these malls. There is a plethora of handicrafts, souvenirs, etc, amongst which you can seek the traditional jutis (shoes), multicolored dupattas and delicious jams and juices, as specialties of Chandigarh. City Centre in Sector 17 is a popular area amongst shoppers.

The most popular sport in Chandigarh is of course cricket and the famous Mohali Stadium here hosts international matches. Chandigarh Golf Club hosts an 18-hole golf course. Another popular sport here is swimming, with the city hosting a number of swimming pools for people to cool down.

Chandigarh has a fine 12 km long bicycle track, where bicycle safaris are organized regularly. You can also get engaged into trekking in the scenic hills around Chandigarh.

Though, being cosmopolitan and modern, Chandigarh presents every type of cuisine, you should enjoy the typical Punjabi dishes here, like Makki di Roti (Indian bread of corn-flour), Sarson Ka Saag (a Mustard-leaves dish), Chhole (a Chickpea dish), Daal Makhni (pulse curry with butter) and Lassi (cool beverage made of buttermilk). Explore Chandigarh hotels, and especially dhabas (roadside eateries) for these scrumptious dishes.

Chandigarh hosts a number of colorful events. Some prominent ones are Chandigarh Mango Festival, held in June, in Pinjore Garden, in which mango-growers from all over India display their exquisite varieties, the 3-day floral extravaganza called Festival of Gardens, held in February, and Chandigarh Carnival, held in November, in Leisure Valley, Chrysanthemum Show held in December in Terraced Garden, and many more, along with the passionate traditional celebrations like Baisakhi and Teej.