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Croatia is a Slavic country with a large coastline on the Adriatic Sea. There are tall mountains in the south and fertile plains in the north. They also have over 1200 islands in the Adriatic along the Dalmatian Coast.

Zagreb, the capital, is inland and is charming with its architecture like a central European city comparable to Vienna or Prague. Most of the interesting visitors’ destinations are in the older section of town divided into Donji Grad, lower town, or Gornji Grad, higher town. There you will find wonderful restaurants and cafes. Gornji Grad is the medieval center so you will want to make sure to schedule a visit to that old quarter. If you enter through the old town gate and light a candle, it is believed that your wish will come true.

As this is a city of over 1 million people, they have many museums, parks and cultural activities. They are known for their Egyptian and Etruscan artifacts as well as impressionist paintings.

There is a fort at the top of the mountain overlooking all of Zagreb that is great for hiking. It is 3000 meters high so be prepared but the view is certainly worth it.

A visit to Croatia would not be complete without seeing Dubrovnik. Restored since the war it is in pristine condition overlooking the Adriatic. There is a high walkway on the old city walls that you can still walk today. Surprising is all the homes still in use inside the wall and you can see wash on the line and people going about their daily lives in an area that was developed in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is absolutely stunning.

Split is another fabulous destination as it is an old city built on Roman ruins that can still be seen today. They are passionate about their football so if you have time you might be able to catch a game.

Whether visiting inland or on the sea, Croatia is a country of history and fabulous architecture. It is a wonderful destination to keep you intrigued.

Croatia travel guide

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