Entertainment at Airport


Waiting for a long time at the airports is like hell for many travelers. While they are already perturbed because of delays in flights or layover, they have to face more miseries like bad food, harsh noises and lights and uncomfortable sitting arrangements. Though most big airports in the world offer a lot of shopping opportunities now, what if the passengers are too tired or are just not in a mood?

Fortunately, several airports have started focusing today on the passenger experience and are offering facilities that can make waiting less difficult, or even pleasant. You can now enjoy trying your luck in a casino at Amsterdam, or go for a refreshing swim at Singapore, or admire an art expo in San Francisco – and you can do all these without leaving the airport. Some airports boast of amazing architecture or landscape gardens, while others provide comfy lounge chairs and also a foot massage for fatigued travelers.

The trend of comforting passengers started in Asia, where several major airports offer a wide range of facilities for the comfort of travelers who commonly face long waits between consecutive flights. That explains why Asian airports are generally ranked at the top of traveler-satisfaction surveys across the world. A survey done in 2005 with over 5 million passengers by Skytrax – a London-based association – ranked 5 Asian airports amongst 10 best in the world. Hong Kong International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport and Incheon International Airport grabbed the top 3 positions, while there wasn’t any U.S. airport in the top 10.

North American and European airports, which are usually older and more crowded than Asian airports, lag behind in providing traveler-friendly extras. But they have started to catch up, as amenities are upgraded or replaced.

Of course, a poorly designed or badly managed airport cannot compensate by offering a lot of comfort facilities for passengers. Peter Miller, the marketing director of Skytrax, says that the No. 1 demand of any passenger is the fastest and easiest passage through the airport. The commonest complaints heard from passengers are about long queues at passport control, sluggish baggage service, tiresome hikes from terminals toward gates and problematic ground transportation.

However, if you are stuck at an airport next time, just take a look around. You may be pleasantly surprised on your find in form of some good entertainment.