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Greece is a country surrounded by three different Seas, the Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean that contain hundreds of gorgeous islands.  What makes these islands so beautiful is the unity of the architecture and color of the buildings.   The walls are thick and windows small to keep out the midday heat.  As you approach the islands, all these connected buildings sit on top of the cliffs looking down on the sea and boats and it makes a striking visual.  There are many ferries that take you island hopping for the day or as long as you want to stay as the people are very welcoming.

Thesalonika is in Macedonia on the coast and known for being in continuous habitation for over 3000 years.  It has fabulous architecture and the Lonely Planet ranked it as the fifth best party city in the world.

Athens is the capital and it sits at the end of the Balkan Peninsula with the Acropolis fort sitting on top of the highest hill.  The Parthenon, a temple built to the city’s goddess, Athena, reaches into the sky from the crest of the hill and the views are magnificent from there.    The city is a delight to visit.  The hotels are fabulous, the food is excellent and the people are warm and friendly.  If you walk up to the Acropolis, you can walk by an attractive district of shops and cafes called Plaka, which is a lovely stop on your way up.

Piraeus is the ancient port and the jumping off point if you are cruising.  They are known for their night clubs with the latest in Greek pop singers.

But it is mostly the islands that people go to when visiting Greece.

Santorini is a fabulous high cliff community where you can take the funicular to the top or walk or take a donkey ride.

Mykonos is flatter with its distinctive windmills.

Rhodes is the island where the fortifications are still in fantastic condition today.  You can walk on the walls and explore the interior with its intricate mosaic floors.  Originally, one of the seven wonders of the world, The Colossus of Rhodes, was in the entrance to the harbor.  In medieval days the Knights of St. John lived here in Rhodes Old Town and it still looks beautiful today as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There are many, many islands to explore, ancient sites to see, and lots of olives to eat and ouzo to drink.  Go to Greece and make your own adventure for it will surely be one.

Greece travel guide

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