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Grenada is an island in the Southern Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Known as the “Spice Island” as it grows so many spices, when you sit on the beach at Grande Anse, the charming ladies walk up and down with all their spices in baskets to show you their wares for sale.  It is fun to take your pick, seeing nutmeg as a complete nut to be ground and not in a little spice bottle in the grocery store.  Hint:  You pronounce the name of the island with a long ā, not a short ăh like Grenada in Spain.

St. George’s is the capital and if you go by cruise ship, this is where you will get off to explore the island.   A visit to Ft Frederick and Ft. George up on the hill will give you a great bird’s eye view of the town and the island.  You can buy spices and lots more in the market square.

As this island is tropical, the weather will be great and all water sports are available, like swimming, boating, snorkeling, sailing and diving.  You can see eagle rays, sea turtles, sharks and lots of fish when diving or snorkeling.  They are known for seahorses as well.  If you like diving, the sunken 600’ Bianca C is known as the Titanic of the Caribbean and is an interesting dive if you like wreck diving.

Grand Etang National Park is a great place for hiking.  There are several waterfalls at Seven Sisters Falls that end in a large warm pool that you can swim in – a nice ending after a hot hike.

The island of Carriacou is also part of Grenada and boat trips to there will take you to fabulous deserted beaches and a good place to go turtle watching.

There are numerous resorts of all description from hotels to quaint little inns, private villas and condos.  Restaurants are plentiful and the food is a mix of carib and creole.

If you love the beaches, fish and the warm waters of the Caribbean, Grenada has a lot to offer.

Grenada travel guide

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