Keeping Children Entertained at Airports


Traveling with children is fun and at the same time challenging, as we want them always with us, but what about their mental status when flights are delayed, a lot of noise and harsh lights are disturbing them and above that, there are no other mates for them? Here are some tips to keep children entertained at airports.

No Need to Limit to Play Areas

Before embarking upon your journey, visit the airport’s website and see what facilities for family they have. Most airports have dedicated kids’ play areas and also indoor playgrounds. And just kindle your creativity a little and you will come to know that what children love the most are planes taking off and landing! So, besides the play areas, you have one more way to keep them entertained – grab a place where you can show them planes. Airports also provide the best and biggest baby feeding and changing rooms. Study the map of the airport and mark the locations of all these areas beforehand.

Keep in Touch with Terminal

Spend as much time as possible in the kids’ play area in the terminal, because the departure gates can be very small sometimes. If the building is old, there may not be even enough seats for everybody. To keep children amused without disturbing other passengers, it is better to be as long in the terminal as possible. Another care to observe is to know beforehand how long it takes to get to your gate from the kids’ area. At some airports it can even take 25 minutes, so knowing this, is better in order to avoid rush.

Invest A Little in Fun Toys

This is a simple, yet quite unknown trick! Approach your local Pound Shop and buy 4-5 cheap toys, which can keep the children amused, during the length of your waiting period at the airport or your journey. Get them nicely wrapped and when you notice that kids are getting bored, handle one of the toys to them. The fun of getting something new to play is unmatched and the kids will at once get in a mood. Besides, unwrapping is equally exciting. And the toys being cheap, you need not worry if they are broken or misplaced. You can easily buy replacements.

Toy Bag

Let children have their own bag of toys which they can pack themselves and later carry and keep an eye on. This will give them some sense of responsibility and importance, and as it is a bag of toys, they will feel more attached to it and won’t be bored in giving attention to it. Ensure that the toys you pack in that bag are not so expensive, just in case the bag gets lost. The Trunki range of bags is perfect because in addition to packing luggage, they also serve as seats for children.

Thus, if you apply a little creativity and think beyond your own stress and problems, you can keep your kids well amused at airports.