Ko Chang Travel


The biggest island in Eastern Thailand and second biggest in Thailand, Ko Chang is a truly serene place to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Ko Chang travel introduces you to beauty, tranquility and amazement.

Ko Chang was unknown to Westerners before World War II. In mid-1970s, foreigners started to come here. The area was included in Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park in 1982. Ko Chang has fast grown in a tourist destination, only in the last decade.

Ko Chang is one of the most beautiful islands of the country. Exploring the island through Slow Life Cycling Koh Chang Bicycle Tour is a fantastic activity here. Please your eyes with the fascinating scenery and local life on the island.

Visit the awesome beaches of Ko Chang like White Sand Beach, Kai Bae Beach (breathtaking views of nearby islands), Bailan, Lonely Beach, Bang Bao Pier and Klong Prai Lagoon.
Ko Chang has numerous lovely waterfalls, like Klong Plu, Klong Nonsi, Klong Nueng, Khiri Petch, Kongoi (5 waterfalls) and The Thanmayom (close to Thanmayom Pier).

The beautiful Ban Bang Bao village is extremely pleasant, where the residents build houses with poles pitched in the ocean and there are bridges connecting every house. The area also has fine corals.

Give your tired muscles, a relaxing massage and other pampering treatments in the numerous massage parlors along the beach and elsewhere.

Spending a day on a Treehouse Bungalow on Ko Chang is a thrilling experience, where only basics are provided and you are entirely on your own in the jungles.

Whether you are a hardcore diver or a newbie, you can enjoy diving in Ko Chang. Diving School Koh Chang, placed on the lovely setting of Bang Bao village, is here to teach you the art. Eco-Diver Koh Chang lets you enjoy diving or snorkeling, booking office of which is on White Sand Beach. The Dive Adventure offers you padi courses, scuba diving and snorkel tours, inside the colorful Koh Chang National Marine Park.

Swimming is also a great pleasure in Ko Chang, due to its calm, clean and warm waters and lightly sloped beaches.

Enjoy a pleasant walk from Than Mayom Waterfall up to Khlong-Plu Waterfall, which takes 8 to 10 hours. Jungle tours with Tan (089-6452019, 089-8322531) are famous and enjoyable here.

During Ko Chang travel you can do innumerable activities like learning Thai cooking, yoga, chakra balancing and Reiki, snorkeling, elephant treks and jungle trekking. Get introduced to retired elephants at White Sand Beach. Or you can enjoy a guided sea kayaking tour, operated by British guides, at KayakChang.com.

Climb tall trees using rope and harness and enjoy great views of the city from the treetops.
Ko Chang has an extensive nightlife scene, varying in its intensity from beach to beach. For an ultimate experience, White Sand Beach is a place to go; however, you can spend a fun night anywhere on the island, in one of its numerous cafés, beer bars, bench bars, live music venues, clubs and pubs. Lonely Beach is famous for its half-moon and full-moon parties.

The lovely Ko Chang beaches have numerous restaurants with delicious seafood and romantic views. Ko Chang food is generally the same as rest of the country, but its wine is special, and you shouldn’t miss it. It comes in various flavors, like grape, pineapple and mangosteen.

Along with birthdays of Buddha, H.M. The King and The Queen, and major festivities like Songkran and Loi Krathong, Ko Chang has its own unique and exciting events like Koh Chang Yutthanavi Day (January), Trat Memorial Day (March) and Trat Fruit Fair (June), which you should attend during Ko Chang travel.