Koh Samui Travel


Koh Samui, popularly known as Samui, is a beautiful island, the 3rd largest (229 sq. km) of Thailand, after Ko Chang and Phuket. It is home to the wonderful Angthong Marine National Park, being rich in coral reefs. It has splendid beaches with silky sands and coconut palm fringes, making Koh Samui travel an unforgettable affair. Tourism and export of coconut and rubber are the main industries here.

1,500 years back Koh Samui was inhabited by Chinese and Malay fishermen. Till early 70s, the island was secluded, and today it has grown into a popular tourist spot.

Chewang is one of the most popular beaches among tourists, because of its pristine ambience and astounding nightlife infrastructure. While swimming here, you can also venture to explore two islands nearby. And while relaxing on the beach, you will get ample of ice creams, beverages, fruits and local Thai tidbits from hawkers passing by.

Another splendid beach is Lamai, where you can explore several other attractions on a rented motorbike or jeep, other than swimming, like the lovely fishermen’s village – Hua Thanon, Hin Ta and Hin Yai – meaning Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks and Wat Lamai Temple. Another famous temple here is Wat Khunaram which enshrines the mummified body of Samui’s revered saint, Loung Pordaeng.

Other beaches you must visit during Koh Samui travel are Mae Nam, Choeng Mon and Laem Yai.

Enjoy the beauty of waterfalls like Namtok Hin Lat and Namtok Na Mueang. Relish high quality fruits at the village of Ban Lipa Yai. Visit the 200-year old house – Old House, depicting Samui’s rich culture.

Don’t miss live Monkey Shows, the hot diving locations – Koh Losin and Ko Kra, the beautiful Secret Buddha Garden and Samui Butterfly Garden (Insect Museum), and the superb Big Buddha Temple and Laem Sor Pagoda.

Though Koh Samui is not considered to be a shopper’s paradise, you will be surprised to find some best deals here. Whether it is a typical Thai souvenir, or a pair of cheap sunglasses, Koh Samui has it all for you. The main shopping hubs are Chewang, Nathon and Lamai; however, you will get shops in every corner of the island and also many supermarkets.

If you are a sports-lover, Koh Samui is a heaven for you. The island is full of sports venues like gyms, classes for Thaiboxing and Karate, bowling centers, tennis courts and innumerable water sports, like canoeing, kayaking, sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing, kite-boarding, and many others. The island holds exciting sports events like Bowling Championship and Samui Regatta in May, Avis Samui Open Tennis in July and Samui Triathlon in September.
The first and only professional golf course in Koh Samui is offered by George Conradie, the location of which among the hills is breathtaking.

Diving is a must-do during Koh Samui travel, as you can hardly watch such a beautiful underwater life elsewhere. There are several diving shops here. Mu Kong and Angthong Marine National Park are the main diving locations.

Don’t miss Thailand’s engrossing nightlife on Koh Samui, which presents itself in form of numerous discos, music venues, clubs, classical Thai dancing venues, mud wrestling, and also the weekly Thai Lady Boxing!

Koh Samui is a paradise for food-lovers too, as it hosts a number of restaurants serving delicious Thai and other cuisines.

Koh Samui is a center for numerous festivals like Buffalo Fighting Festival in January, Ten Stars Samui Art Party (every month), and Fishermen’s Village Festival – an exciting festival held in the lovely Fishermen’s Village, from 22nd to 26th August.

The King’s Birthday on 5th December and Queen’s Birthday on 12th August are big events in Thailand and on Koh Samui, when there are wonderful firework displays.