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Mozambique is a coastal country in south east Africa on the Indian Ocean across from the Island of Madagascar.  It has a turbulent recent past of war, drought and famine.   This was a favorite vacation spot from South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) but that diminished with all the troubles.
Since all that has been cleaned up, the tourism business is growing at a rapid pace as the country has an inherent beauty, fantastic wildlife, and a long and mixed history.  With the rise of eco-tourism, Mozambique is making the most of what they have to offer and it is a lot.
Maputo is the capital and it is all the way in the south on Maputo Bay.  Across the bay is Inhaca Island and the Machangulo Peninsula.  All around the bay is a protected haven with coral reefs, mangroves and dunes.  Many kinds of fish inhabit the bay and you can find whale sharks, manta rays and sometimes whales swim into this wide bay as well as sea turtles and 300 bird species.  Inhaca is a researcher’s delight.
One of the most wonderful programs is the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.  It takes in 7 national parks from three countries with the greatest region being part of Mozambique.  It is 35,000 sq km that used to be a hunting area and has been changed to a protection area for all sorts of wildlife including mammals such as African elephant, white rhino, giraffe, blue wildebeest, African leopard, African lion, cheetah, mongoose and spotted hyena.  It is a long process to disassemble fencing from the smaller parks to make a large one but the establishment of ancient migration patterns across political country lines will help the animals regain their historical territories.  With all the drought it has been proven that migratory patterns of enormous herds is what keeps the land green and fertile and self-sustaining for humans and animals so this will aid in feeding the animals year round.
Mozambique is an interesting country that is working to re-establish itself as a tourist destination.  You can go for the beaches, the wildlife in the sea or on the land.  Whichever you choose, it will be a wonderful vacation.

Mozambique travel guide

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