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Niger is a large land locked country in central Africa.  It is mostly Sahara Desert in the north with most of the population living on the narrow fertile plain on the southern border and in the small western section crossed by the Niger River.
The sand dunes are beautiful but with high winds, they are always shifting and it is easy to get lost.  The views are majestic and the last remaining wild giraffe in west Africa are in Niger.  The Air Mountains are spectacular.
Agadez is a city in the mountains that has been on the trade route for centuries.  The Mosque of Agadez was built in 16th century as was the Sultan’s Palace.   You can buy the Agadez Tuareg cross there as they are made by artisans skilled in jewelry making.  Each town has its own design made out of silver and it is believed that it is God’s protection keeping the evil sprits away.

Ayorou is a picturesque town on the River Niger in the southwest of the country.  It has one of Niger’s best markets and it is where you begin a river trip if you are going to Gao in Mali.

Niamey is the capital of Niger and it is a low key center as capitals in Africa go.  Located on the Niger River, there are beautiful mosques, with the Grande Mosquée being especially notable.  Grande Marché is the largest market in Niger with over 5000 stands.  From here you can go boating on the river or go see the sand dunes on the beach.
The country is beautiful but with so much unrest and famine as well as kidnappings, you are advised to check with your consulate to see when it will be safe to travel there again.

Niger travel guide

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