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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the eastern half of New Guinea which is the second largest island in the world. Located just north of Australia, it also includes many smaller islands such as the North Solomon Islands and the Bismarck Archipelago. It is a tropical island with high mountains and raging rivers leading down to forests and fertile areas good for growing rubber and coffee.

Most of the population live in small villages that can be quite remote without roads so many cultures have developed on a local basis with over 700 languages spoken. You could say that the villagers practice the green movement. They build a village and plant their crops and when the land is tired they move on and let the land regenerate.

For your land activities the towns are known for their markets selling everything from fish and breadfruit, one of their staples, to beadwork, woven baskets and artwork. It is fun just to wander around and look.

But most tourists go to Papua New Guinea for the diving. The island is surrounded by reefs and as the area saw a lot of activity during World War II, there are a lot of warships that sank and now make great locations to dive and see the fish. You can go out for the day or rent a boat that you can live aboard while you go further afield.

The south shore juts into the Coral Sea and is known for its powerful waves and surfers gather to test their skills.

Mt. Wilhelm is 4,509 meters high or 14,793 feet and the hiking and trekking up and around the base is some of the most popular with avid trekking fans.

Port Moresby is the capital and located on the south shore on the Gulf of Papua and has lovely views of the water. It has some interesting architecture in its government buildings and the neighborhoods as well, like Koki where all the houses are up on stilts to avoid flooding and stay cool.

Mostly you will want to enjoy the out of doors in the sea or the mountains in this temperate island.

Papua New Guinea travel guide

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