St. Lucia


St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a volcanic island in the southern Caribbean Sea that became independent in 1979.  It has high peaks formed from volcanic ash and beautiful beaches all around the island.  Its climate is delightful and it has become a popular tourist and cruise ship destination.  Do not expect to find bargain places to stay here.

The two tall pitons are a recognizable landmark for the island and many people like to climb them.  You have to take a guide with you as the climb is gorgeous but can be treacherous as well.

The Tet Paul nature trail outside Soufriere is run by the community and the flora and fauna are beautifully kept.  It is not a difficult hike and there are outstanding views the length of the trail.   Don’t forget a visit to Diamond Botanical Gardens where you can learn about the different plants and flowers while hiking to the waterfall.

Pigeon Island is a good hike with views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic along the way as well as the ruins of an old fort.

The Capital is Castries on the north side of the island and it is loaded with shops and restaurants for your dining pleasure.  It is a busy port with cruise ships and private yachts going in and out so there is always something to watch.  There are local markets selling fruit and vegetables and other hand made items.

You can go for the beaches, the hiking and climbing or all the water sports but whichever you choose you will have a wonderful vacation in St. Lucia.

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