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Thailand is an incredibly beautiful country that is a joy to visit with fantastic sights to see each way you turn.  Located in southeast Asia, it has a long strip of land that is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand on one side and the Andaman Sea on the other with numerous islands off shore.  The bulk of Thailand heads into rice paddy fields and then mountains going north of Bangkok.
Bangkok is the capital of Thailand (formerly Siam) and as this is a very religious country, there are 400 spectacular Buddhist temples in Bangkok alone, making this a very spiritual and magical spot.  The Chao Phraya River winds its way through the capital and you can get views from many restaurants and other sights.  It is a very romantic city.
One of the mysteries of Thailand is the disappearance of Jim Thompson.  He was an American who visited Thailand in the 1940’s and fell in love with the city and its people.  Trying to better their lives, he put them to work paying fair wages weaving remarkable silk.  He built his silk patterns into an international phenomenon but he rubbed some of the locals the wrong way.  While hiking in the hills during a vacation in Malaysia in 1967, he never returned.  His house has been turned into a museum and it is fabulous to see how he lived under the trees along the river in the open air without any air conditioning.
Bangkok is known for many things and shopping is one of them.  There are fantastic markets and many streets with small shops that carry anything you could possibly need or want.  They are known for their artwork from porcelain to paintings so your souvenirs can be truly beautiful.
As there are over 11 million people residing here, it is large and varied.  Besides the gorgeous temples with their unique architecture and golden statues of Buddha, there is also plenty of nightlife.  The city is divided into different districts from wealthy to backpacking tourists with a large Chinatown and Indiatown so there is something for everyone.
The food is delicious whether in fine dining or from local street vendors.  It has many flavors, some hot but most are mild and a delight to the palate.
Many people come here for the spectacular beaches.  There are resorts nestled in the hills overlooking the water in all price ranges.  With its temperate climate it is busy all year round.  One of the best known is Phuket Island which is now quite an active destination but there are many other islands and spots for diving, swimming and laying on the beach.  It is not unusual to be offered a massage on the beach which can be very relaxing.  If you go with some of the cruise companies you may be lucky enough to be offered a champagne cocktail while swimming in the Sea.  In Thailand anything can happen.
The north of Thailand is in the mountains and Chiang Mai is a large city in a fairly remote spot known for their flowers and amazing temples with the nickname Rose of the North.  The old town has a wall and moat surrounding it.  The old temples are beautifully decorated with carved wood and gilded figures.  From here you can also go trekking in the gorgeous mountains and verdant valleys.
Thailand has so much to offer from the friendly people, the Buddhist temples and artwork to the beautiful beaches and dramatic mountains.  You must go see this enchanting country for yourself to appreciate all it has to offer.

Thailand travel guide

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