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Turkey is an unusual country with part of it in Europe but most of it in Asia.  You have to pass through the Sea of Marmara and the Bosporus Strait with Turkey on both sides to get from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea.  This is the only way to go by boat.  Turkey is a large country but it is almost surrounded by water.  Mt. Ararat is the tallest mountain in the country and as the story goes, it is where Noah landed the Ark.
Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) lies on the Bosporus on the European side of the country.  Its history is thousands of years old and, as such, it has some of the finest buildings in Turkey.  The most famous is probably Hagia Sophia.  It is now a museum but it was originally a cathedral 1700 years ago and then was a mosque 600 years ago.  It is beautiful to see right in the city center.  The Blue Mosque is one of the other most famous buildings.  Both buildings have spectacular architecture and artwork.
Ankara is the capital located more in the center of the country up on the plateau.  Its former name was Angora after the goat with the luxurious long soft coat.  This city was built as a capital city and has all the modern amenities you would find in a city of over 4 million people.
As so many civilizations inhabited Turkey over the years, you will see lots of ruins throughout the country.  One of the most spectacular is Ephesus, located alongside the Aegean Sea.  You can see temples, roads and houses all in remarkable condition.
Another of the more interesting sites is Cappidocia where you have houses carved into the yellow and pink volcanic rocks.  The odd shapes are due to erosion and the caves date back to the time when early Christians were hiding from their enemies.

Other than visiting historic sites, there are mountain ranges for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.  There are beautiful beaches almost all the way around on the Med, Aegean or Black Sea.  Antalya is a popular one in the Med and is the hub of the Turkish Riviera.

Bodrum is another city in the Aegean Sea that was the site of the ancient city called Halikarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  It has Bodrum Castle at the entrance to the harbor and the whole city is a wonderful mix of history and modern times.   You can go to one of the trendy beaches, go snorkeling, sailing or you can rent one of the wonderful local styled boats to go out for the day.

Turkey has so much to offer with its ancient history and modern day amenities.  It is truly a gem to visit.

Turkey travel guide

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