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The Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe and part of the former USSR.  It is known for its two beautiful major rivers, the Dniepr and the Dinestr, lovely mountains, wide fertile steppes and a southern coastline on the temperate Black Sea.  It is a vast open country with much to see.

Kiev is the capital city located in the center of the country on the Dniepr River.  It was founded more than a thousand years ago and many consider it the original seat of civilized Europe.  The architecture is beautiful.  St. Sophia’s Cathedral was built in the 1100’s and remains spectacular today with its green roofs topped by gilt domes and crosses.   St. Michael’s Gold Domed Monastery is another gorgeous church and is the oldest working monastery dating from the 12th century.  Kiev was almost totally destroyed during the German invasion of WWII and you will see many monuments to this but the one that will tug at your heart is the Motherland Statue.  The museums tell the story as well.  There is a museum dedicated to the accident at Chernobyl which many find fascinating as it is one of the worst disasters in modern history.

The Crimean Peninsula in the south of the country is where vacationers go to sit in the sun and swim in the Black Sea.  There are numerous beach resorts here offering all sorts of water sports and all levels of accommodation.  For history buffs, it was site of the Crimean War and the famous poem, “Charge of the Light Brigade.”

Western Ukraine was historically under more European rule and will remind you of older European cities with its architecture and culture.  Lviv is the capital of the region and the historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The large Latin Cathedral is stunning and located right in the heart of the city.  If you go to the market square, there is a tower you can climb that will give you an entire view of this charming city.

There is so much more to discover in the Ukraine so you will just have to go and find it for yourself.

Ukraine travel guide

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