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Mexico is a very large country south of the United States in North America.  It is diverse in terms of its geography with tropical weather on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean and cooler weather in the Sierra Madres with a high plain in the center of Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental.  The population is diverse as well with more than fifty percent being mestizos, half Spanish and half Native American Aztec, Toltec or Mayan.  As Spain ran Mexico for 300 years in more recent history, their religion and style of architecture is most evident today.  As the Native American history dates back to many years BC, most of their incredible cities are now ancient ruins, some well preserved.

Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in North America.  It is one of the 10 cities in Mexico that was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The Historic Center plus the Xochimilco National Park are both sites within Mexico City.  With a population of over 10 million, it is an enormous city with interesting architecture, restaurants, hotels and plenty of night time activities.

Many people are familiar with the resort town of Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Not only are the beaches fantastic but so is the history.  Tulum is the only ancient ruin on the ocean and you can see the Mayan pyramids that still stand today.  If you have time to venture further inland, Chichen itza is a large city that was buried in the jungle and has been well preserved.

Be adventuresome.  Thanks to the Spanish heritage, most small towns have beautiful churches and open squares that have planned activities in them, farmer’s markets and festivals or just socializing.

Whether going to the interior towns to see the historic sites, climbing in the Sierra Madres or enjoying the beach life, Mexico has so much to offer.  The people are friendly and you are bound to come home with some handmade colorful pottery or paintings to brighten up your home.  (5905)

Mexico travel guide

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